“How much have you already lost from your under-performing digital marketing that’s costing you thousands at minimum or even millions of dollars in limited resources you’ll NEVER get back?”

Finally, Discover In The Next 4-5 Minutes Why What YOU Don’t Know Is What’s Costing You MONEY Plus How & Why Your Company’s Digital Marketing Is Underperforming And How You Can Simply Multiply Your Revenue, Profits, & Growth By 2-3X MINIMUM With My Digital Growth Strategy Of Exospherence™

As a thank you for reading, I’m going to extend a private invitation below to a Digital Exospheric Growth Session where you’ll join 100’s of companies on an online full day session as my investment in you where I’ll teach you my 9 Pillars Of An Exospheric Business™ That Has Exponentially Grown My Companies & Private Clients.

Here’s A Brief List Of What You’re About To Discover…

Why Your Digital Marketing Is Underperforming And Costing You Thousands Of Dollars At Minimum – Not To Mention Time, Energy & Mental Capacity

The 5 Stages Of Multi-Million Dollar Companies And How They Reach, Sustain, And Grow Beyond Each Stage Towards Long-Term Sustainable Success

How To Position Your Company Online To Your Target Audience As “The One” Through my 9 Pillars Of An Exospheric Business™

“Now, you probably have these two questions on your mind…”

  1. How does this guy claim to know my digital marketing is underperforming and costing me thousands or even millions of dollars right now?
  2. Who is he to be making such claims about me and my business?

Our time’s valuable so I won’t waste it, and yes you’re right that is quite a BIG claim so let’s answer that first.

First, throughout the years, I’ve dealt with some of the most no-nonsense, non-theoretical hard-nosed high-performance entrepreneurs and companies in the world.

They expect me to catapult their digital performance well beyond the normal results that 97% of companies complacently accept.

I’ve had to experiment, analyze, identify, iconify and refine some utterly undervalued “but exceptionally high payoff” and influencing factors that no one else in the digital marketing or business growth field that I know of focuses on and every time without exception they have been losing money.

As a result of me and my process, the Bottom line of my private clients and companies performance frequently doubles, redouble and doubles again when I apply these coveted performance enhancement factors to their current businesses digital foundation.

“Second, I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs that are currently growing $10 to $100+ million dollar companies in multiple industries and sub-industries all around the globe.”

They all experience the same challenges and obstacles to growing online because they lack the clarity, direction, and certainty.

Why? They don’t have a proven digital growth strategy… they don’t have a structure to follow… and most importantly they don’t know what they don’t know.

Not too mention most of the time they’re too large, inefficient, slow at decision making and have no idea about how to adapt their business to the current state of digital marketing and advertising.

Third, I’ve been able to get a very intimate behind-the-scenes closed door discussion with them and they’ve shared with me all their progressive analytical systems that they are aware of and 91.7% of the time they are either completely missing most of “The 9 Core Pillars of an Exospheric Business™, ” or 100% of them have underperforming pillars that result in losing millions.

You see, this is why I say your digital marketing is underperforming and costing you thousands at least and millions at most.

Now let’s answer the 2nd question on your mind since you might not know who I am or what I do so I’m going to keep this short and provide you with a brief intro as to why we should continue to invest the next few minutes together and on the full day session I’m inviting you on if you’re qualified

My name is Benson Sung and…

My day to day job is leading and growing my group of multi-million dollar private companies & managing my investments…

Through my coveted exospheric private consulting I work with small to medium, and large enterprises on their digital growth strategy…

I’ve helped my private partners & clients generate multi-millions of dollars in growth, revenue, and profits to their bottom line…

Work Behind-The-Scenes with World Class Entrepreneurs like Jay Abraham, Neil Patel, Dan Lok to name a few…



“One critical question I want you to take a moment to think about right now is…

Why do you think these world class entrepreneurs & legendary marketers work with me?”

The short answer? It’s because this is what I do better than anybody else — growing companies online with the personalized & timeless Digital Growth Strategy Of Exospherence™

“The long answer? They need an individual that understands their high-level way of thinking, can help them execute but more importantly someone they can trust long-term and that individual is me.”

Now that you know a little bit about me, I’d like to share with you the fundamentals/principles of what I’ve discovered and distilled down from my practical experiences into my Digital Growth Strategy Of Exospherence™ along with the 9 Core Pillars of an Exospheric Business™.

You’ll want to remember those two proprietary and unique digital growth strategic systems because they are what I’ve created and is responsible for Multi-Millions of dollars in bottom line growth for not just my own companies but private partners and clients around the globe.

It’ll mean a lot to me but it’ll mean a lot more to you and your business as you’ll soon see.

At the very least, I think you should review and examine the different ways I think about digital marketing performance and see how many… if any of my 9 Core Pillars of an Exospheric Business™ are even being recognized let alone maximized in your company right now or whomever you’re using as your digital marketing person(s) to grow your business online.

If what I share with you below rocks your boat and animates your sense of how much MORE really is possible for your business and assuming you qualify then I’ll extend a private invitation for you to join me on a condensed digital exospheric session where I’ll teach you my strategies for growing companies online as my investment in our new relationship.

Here is the current stage of most business that are growing online…

5) Exospheric Business – 8 or 9 Pillars (1-3%)

Select Fortune 500 Companies – Usually $100+ MM to $1+ B Companies – Well Systemized & Dialed In

5 1-3

4) Scale – 6 or 7 Pillars (4-7%)

Solid $50 to $100+ Million In Annual Revenue

4 4-7

3) Growth – 4 or 5 Pillars (8-12%)

$10 to $100 Million Annual Revenue

3 8-12

2) Operating – 2 or 3 Pillars (13-20%)

$1 MM to $10+ MM (difference is that it’s systemized and dialed in)

2 13-20

1) Struggle & Survival – 1 or 2 pillars (75-80%)

Under $100K to $3 MM Annual Revenue

1 75-80

“Ask yourself: Where are you on this scale? Are you at level 1?… 2?… 3?… 4? or maybe even 5?”

From my years of experience, I’ve only personally gone deep with a handful of companies that are all the way at the top and these are all $100+ MM Enterprises (one at $72 MM).

“You see as you ascend to the next level with these core pillars, your business will grow exponentially ahead of 90% of the other companies all around the world let alone your direct and indirect competitors…”

Each pillar is an asset that keeps on adding more revenue, growth, and profits. The more solid your business will be online. It’s the gift that keeps on giving the more you optimize, adapt, evolve and personalize it for your business the more it exponentially provides for you and your business. There are even 3 different tiers for each pillar that determine how solid each one is.

Out of thousands of companies, I’ve spoken with from small to large enterprises and a handful of Fortune companies they all have missing puzzle pieces in their digital strategy and are pigeonholing themselves…

I know from practical experience because even in the most competitive industries I am able to establish my private client’s companies as the leader in their exclusive application or category and find a unique advantage, and I’ve done the same for very select few companies.

Sure, I’m not competing with billion dollar corporations most of the time, but I do compete in one of the most competitive industries there is… digital marketing. Just think about it…I am competing with people like myself but I am in a very different positioning as you’ve discovered so far and will continue to see.

To be an Exospheric Business is not easy and requires a lot of strategies, resources, hard work, years of effort and LOT of other variables… but it is possible.

“To reach the pinnacle and become an Exospheric Business, these are 9 core pillars and thus far as I’ve mentioned before, only 2-3% of companies in the world have this and are benefiting from each as you read this.

Here are the 9 Core Pillars of an Exospheric Business™.”

Influential Indoctrination
Multitudinous Cycles
Exospheric Sales Funnel Architecture + Design
Dynamic Conversion Systemization
Omnipresence Overpass
Profit Conversion Maximization
Progressive Analytical Systems
Universal Integrative Structure
The Digital Growth Strategy Of Exospherence™

Each of these pillars are the foundation for a business to grow online and be the top company in their industry.

“Ask yourself: How many of the pillars above do you actually have in your business right now as you’re reading this?”

“Let me prove to you right here and now how your results can be multiplied with The 9 Core Pillars of an Exospheric Business™ without spending a penny more and without tons of hours and with far less risk by asking you just ONE revealing question of the 100’s I have from each pillar to start…”

Influential Indoctrination

Have you found a systematic way to effectively influence your target audience by indoctrinating them to create the mindsets, beliefs, and conditions they need to adopt as they enter the world about your brand, product or service so that you build a loyal relationship with the results and transformation they go through?

Multitudinous Cycles

Do you have a system in place to indoctrinate your target audience as they go through the multitudinous cycles before they “consider” connecting, cultivating, extending any buying relationship with you? All the way through multiple different mediums, channels, alternatives, competitors, advertising at different times?

Exospheric Sales Funnel Architecture & Design

Do you have the architecture of the different progressions your target audience flows from – the multiple pathways, pieces, conversions, cultivations that an individual within your 5 types of target audience travels in and goes through throughout their lifetime as your trusted client?

Dynamic Conversion Systemization

Does your entire digital marketing system personalizes and streamlines your communication with your target audience individually based on their complexity, stage of decision-making, behaviors, interests, and actions they take automatically and connect, cultivates, convert, and ascend them?

Omnipresence Overpass

Does your digital marketing system currently tap into the omnipresence overpasses that your target audience uses right now for communication? The ads, messaging on multiple different platforms, channels, mediums to connect, indoctrinate, cultivate, convert and extend the relationship with your 5 different target audience sources?

Profit Conversion Maximization

Are you increasing the profit conversion across the core steps and maximizing your business’s ability to generate the most optimal amount and add the most value while gaining consistent profits as your target audience progresses the relationships with you?

Progressive Analytical System

Do you have a complete 360-degree view of the main progressive analytical systems and decision-making dashboard to make smart decision about your digital marketing? Seeing each client through each overpass, ad, platform, vertical, and channel and conversion rate of that specific audience criteria and timeframes just to start?

Universal Structure

Are you connecting all the core pieces of your marketing together with your long-term strategic plans? The strategic side and the technical side. On the technical side you want to make sure that every single page, link, tracking, conversion, trigger, and everything works so make sure you run demo’s and test’s immediately once you’ve turned something on before driving anything to it?

The Digital Growth Strategy Of Exospherence™

How is everything you are doing online advancing, progressing or accelerating you to your milestone and ultimate strategic goal?


This is my own digital growth strategy that is personalized for a specific business and has the critical thinking with milestones, strategies, and tactics that position a company and ties all the 9 core pillars together as a strong foundation.

“Oh and everything that we’ve talked about so far comes from 3 key areas…”

First, it’s Reverse Engineered From my Results with $100+ MM Companies

Second, My In-Depth Study on B2C Companies Digital Growth Strategies

Third, My In-Depth Study on B2B Companies Digital Growth Strategies

Now for the nine questions I asked you, if your answer is “NO” to even one of those questions don’t you think it would be worth it for you to discover how you could implement even one or all of The 9 Core Pillars of an Exospheric Business™ into your business or optimize an existing one?

You see each pillar that’s built is worth at MINIMUM $1,000,000 in increased growth and revenue to your business. The only exception is The Digital Growth Strategy Of Exospherence™ Pillar is a unique one and has unlimited potential.

I’m going to show you how you can do that and what you can implement to overcome the obstacles/challenges to your digital growth and also a proven roadmap to growing your business online.

“Before you spend another day, week or months on end trying to grow your business online and TONS of capital on advertising or paying an agency or tinkering around with ANY more digital marketing…”

If there is strong and serious enough interest on your part then I would like to invest forward in you before you ever invest in me, I ask only one full day of your time, that time will be some of the most clarifying, illuminating and “enriching your business” time you will ever spend or invest.

This is a no-nonsense, non-theoretical real world experience, hard-hitting deeply revealing stage expansion to understand my internal processes and organization.

And for us to start our relationship with me investing my time, energy, and knowledge that I’ve accumulated over the years in you and your involvement is all that is required so you can get the most out of it.

99% is wisdom, practical knowledge and my proprietary 9 Core Pillars of an Exospheric Business™ intellectual capital I’m openly sharing with you.

1% is understated of why and how differently my company works with a private client to produce the kind of multiplied results we focus on above.

You will see just on how I conduct myself on this condensed digital exospheric session for a standard that we have when working with clients.

“I want to be very clear – This is NOT a webinar you jump on and then you are taught 20% information and then selling you 80% of the rest as a pitch because there is NOTHING to buy from me…”

There’s no obligation or expectation to buy or invest in anything in when you register or agree to view this because I have nothing to sell you, there is only the expectation that you will put the fullest attention, you will take maximum notes, you will evaluate it against whoever, whatever, however, you’re currently executing your digital strategy.

Other than that the benefit is all yours, the hope is mine that we can have a relationship after in whatever value driven capacity.

I want to teach you this on my Full-Day Digital Exospheric Session as my investment in you and your business and as a thank you for reading this up to this point.

The only thing you have to promise me is that you will put away your wallet and write down what you’re going to implement.

You might be thinking right now… what’s the catch? To be transparent, I’ve been building successful companies behind the scenes, and there are three reasons why I’m doing this…

  1. I’m tired of the noise in the digital marketing space that’s providing you with lack of clarity, direction, and certainty.
  2. The entrepreneurial influencers that you know and follow have personally told me that I should share my insights and experiences with the world as it would be a waste to just keep it to myself (which I’ve done for years and just focused on executing through my own companies and close partners.)
  3. Building my brand by investing value to you upfront without expecting anything in return and just by seeing you will provide me with valuable feedback and give me a feeling that transcends all others to see you succeed.

Also I’m quite the behind the scenes person, and I’m in this for the long-term.

To see if you’re a good fit for this Full-Day Digital Exospheric Session. I’ve found that there are usually three main groups that come to me:

$10 MM to $100 MM+ company founders or c-level executives with their teams that have been burned before and want to grow online with the proven Digital Growth Strategy Of Exospherence™ along with implementing the 9 Pillars of an Exospheric Business™ into their foundation…

Agency Teams or Expert Digital Marketers that work for themselves or for a company that want to know the most up to date and timeless digital growth strategies so they can do it for themselves and clients…

Startup and passionate driven entrepreneurs that have just started their journey and are looking to start off with a strong foundation…

“Now, there are 3 guarantees I want to give you if you will be joining me and the 100’s of entrepreneurs on this Exclusive Full-Day Digital Exospheric Session where I will be investing $45,000 for 9 hours of my time to teach you what I’ve learned so you can implement this into your business…”

This is my investment in you that once implemented you could see $100,000’s of dollars (even millions of dollars in increases to your business’s bottom line) however I can’t promise you the team, resources, hard work that will be required to accomplish this but what I can provide you is the structured strategic system and pillars you will need to implement.

Guarantee #1

There’s nothing for me to sell you before, during or after.

Learn more

Guarantee #2

NO ONE is going to teach you what you’re about to learn in it’s entirety.

Learn more

Guarantee #3

Your Business Will Experience More Revenue, Growth & Profits If You And Your Team Implement My 9 Pillars of an Exospheric Business™

Learn more

“This is not some short webinar where I show you a quick and easy 7 figure digital marketing or advertising campaign that you just put together and then success happens overnight, that’s some business opportunity scheme that marketers designed to sell and influence the masses…”

I’m talking about real timeless digital growth principles that real businesses have used and continue to use and build their business…

I’m talking about leveraging powerful strategies that over the years have established companies as the leader in their space and dominate their direct and indirect competition…

I’m going to be sharing with you the secrets that I’ve discovered from my private behind the scenes boardroom discussions with multimillion dollar companies on how they grow their businesses online…

This is almost like me writing you a cheque for $100K, $200K, $300K or maybe even $1,000,000+ and investing that into your business right now but you’ll have to cash it in and to do that you’ll have to leverage the resources, team, capital, discipline and most importantly execute what I’ve taught you and more on my full-day digital session or have your team or your service provider do so…

You’ll NOT only discover a little bit, you are going to get the condensed version of the principles foundations of my knowledge I share with my high paying private clients ($50,000 – $100,000’s+ a month) so you’ll know why your current digital growth strategy is not living up to it’s potential and that it actually can produce the level, quality, and profitability you want.

I believe that outright a profound and complete understanding of what I do differently and how I do it differently and how it performs differently and you judge yourself and I don’t tease or use it as anything but transference of timeless and priceless principles that you’re welcome to use yourself if you choose not to engage with me or you can have your digital marketing team or agency on retainer to join on this Full-Day Digital Exospheric Session…

Just promise me you’ll think about what I’m teaching you VS what you’ve learned and other marketers have shared with you in the past to see whose belief systems makes the best sense.

Click/Tap on the “Request Your Private Online Invitation Now” below to join me on this Full-Day Digital Exospheric Session and I look forward to our time together.

To Your Success


Presents: The Full-Day Digital Exospheric Session

The 9 Strategic Pillars Of An Exospheric Business™ That Has Generated My Companies & Clients Multi-Millions In Growth

And How To Masterfully Execute Them To Grow, Scale, And Leverage Them In Your Business For Unlimited Potential Increases In Profits, Revenues And Growth At A Predictable Rate For Any Company That Wants To Grow Online

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Here Are 3 Breakthroughs We’ll Experience Together About Your Business That May Forever Change Your Existing Business Beliefs & Paradigms

(Possibly Even The World And There’s No Going Back)

The 9 Pillars Of An Exospheric Business™

There are only 9 Digital Strategic Leverage points that make up the foundation for any business to grow and scale online. These are principles that continue to work in today’s evolving, adapting and competitive landscape. Amazon, Apple, and Top Fortune companies use variations of these to generate tens to hundreds of millions of dollars from their digital growth strategy and marketing efforts.

Once we’ve identified them together we’ll go over the most effective and efficient ways for you to maximize, leverage, expand, and tap into the unlimited profits, growth, and revenue which can be continuously multiplied in your business today if you simply know what they are and how to implement them into your business.

The Digital Growth Strategy Of Exospherence™

No matter why, where and how you and your business got to the place you’re at now – you’ll discover The Digital Growth Strategy Of Exospherence™ I use to maximize the performance of any business online – your mind will stretch far beyond the norm or comfort level you’ve operated at in the past. And you’ll be able to handle things you could never master before definitively.

Once you learn all the powerful options and opportunities available to you online – by of understanding the different types of opportunities that you already have but aren’t utilizing – amazing accomplishments and growth could soon occur that you never thought possible. And results can be continuously multiplied – IF you follow the protocols and execute what I will share.

Masterful Business Builder Transition

By the end of our Digital Session, you’ll have the potential knowledge on how to out think, out position, out value creation and ultimately outgrow your direct or indirect competition (assuming I’m not already working with them and they haven’t registered for this digital session)…

Once executed, you’ll experience the transition to the successful business-builder online you’ve always desired to become. During the digital session, and even after, your mind will be accelerated and empowered with ideas with exactly how, why and what immediate and long-term actions to take growing online and cut out the noise – you’ll feel overwhelmed with clarity, direction, and a sense of strength moving forward.

You’ll emerge at the end of this with a sense of absolute certainty about yourself and the potential of your business future online and what’s possible.

Personally, you’ll hold yourself to far higher expectations of accomplishment, aspiration, performance, possibility – this digital session might even reshape the business vision of yourself entirely.

This Full-Day Digital Exospheric Session and the strategies discussed are for “real” world companies that have a proven track record of growth and have achieved “proof of concept” with a $250K (minimum) in annual revenue and want to accelerate their growth beyond with proven digital growth strategies.

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