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Benson is highly regarded by high-performing CEO’s, renowned entrepreneurs, marketing legends and top media personalities as the world’s leading and highest paid digital growth strategist. Benson’s influence can be the difference between average and an established company that generates millions of dollars in additional revenue online.

Benson uses his unique ability to increase businesses opportunities, breakthroughs, and growth online.


He has a distinctive skill set and sophisticated process that brings to light one of a kind insights and under-leveraged assets that he then connects and utilizes to the highest possibilities for a companies growth online.


This results in maximizing under performing online brands and marketing with both immediate revenue and growth while developing unlimited long term opportunities and assets that are unknown to every company.


Unlike most colleagues in this space,

large and small digital agencies on average are having at any given time ~80-100 clients on both retainer and project-based with an average attrition of about 20-25% percent under one year of client on-boarding (Benson knows because his colleagues work at some of the top digital agencies in the world)


“Benson’s personalized boutique approach allows him to only work with 10 private clients/companies MAX at any given time.”


He’s got a 5-10% attrition rate within a 4-5 year window and half of that attrition is due to the fact that he jettisons the private clients who can’t sustain the digital growth strategy plan that he puts together for them.

Instead, he shifts his focus to a private/public company that can since short term profits is not his priority or if the direction of the company doesn’t match his or strays from his core belief, morals, or ethics at that time.

Benson’s goal is always the continuous compounding and explosive but controlled qualitative long-term growth.

He is committed to growing but it’s controlled growth because Benson oversees every private client digital strategy and he has decided not to become a production house like the 1000’s of digital agencies and service providers out there who are just churning through companies like clockwork.

His current portfolio companies are in the high 7 figures and 8 figures with an inevitability and total cumulative growing potential to 9 figures.

With that being said, Benson believes deeply that it’s not about how much revenue is generated but how much value you’ve added to the life of each individual client and person in their life (value is not all equal) and what’s financially in the bank after employees, expenses and liabilities are paid and how you use that resourcefully to grow and continuously solve problems and add personalized value.

Benson’s greatest personal and professional fulfillment is truly the lifelong meaningful, lucrative, and deep relationships he’s developed with his co-founders, partner companies, and private clients.

Why I’m Trusted By Renowned Entrepreneurs

A Brief List Of A Few Private Partners & Clients Who Are Experiencing Exponential Growth in Their Business…

The key with a successful sales funnel isn't just the design, copy, traffic, or automation but it's the strategy. That's actually one of the most important parts, if you don't have the right strategy, it won't work well at all. That's why Benson does a TON of my strategy.

Neil Patel

Quick Sprout, Crazy Egg, and Hello Bar

There are 3 qualities that I think makes Benson unique. First is Benson's understanding of strategies. Second, he's results focused, he focuses on bringing you real results and adding value to your business. Third is Integrity. I believe those 3 world class qualities are what makes him different.

Dan Lok

Multi-Millionaire Serial Entrepreneur


“Over the years, Benson has established the factors that confine and restrict online business growth.”


When he isn’t laying the strong foundation of sustainable online growth as a behind-the-scenes builder of his own multi-million dollar companies.

He is the preeminent industry leader who believes in illuminating his private clients around the world that most companies only know and only use limited ways of growing their business online and some are even misled by the vast majority of information and ideas online that cause a company to lose hundreds of thousands (even millions of dollar) not to mention time, energy, mental capacity in wasted finite capital on the wrong areas of their business.

If companies want a tactical breakthrough Benson can do it via his one private strategic exospheric meeting but Benson wants to grow your business in the long-term because he’s in it to build you as a business and not just to improve your tactics if you want that there’s a 1000’s of other people you can go to and he can even refer you to them.


“If you want breakthrough long-term growth with Benson then he’ll be the only one that’s documented his life’s work and timeless principles to help you.”


He demonstrates that there may be 5-10 more efficient short and long-term profitable digital strategies and options available to them that they aren’t even aware of and might be right under their nose.

If you want Benson’s brainpower of overseeing everything you have to be patient because he only takes on clients only when he knows with certainty that he can execute between minimum 5-10 strategies that will dramatically increase your bottom line growth with his unique digital growth strategies and breakthrough sales funnel.

Benson only takes on clients when he knows that he can accept them fully, integrate them and their goals strategically and masterfully while adding real bottom line growth but if he can’t he will still talk to you once you are accepted onto the waiting list and be glad to converse in a very consultative manner at no cost and give you ideas you can run with right away you might not even need to come back to him and just educate your current provider or team.

Benson either shows his private clients how to implement his “Digital Growth Strategy Of Exospherence™” effectively or has it implemented for them like how he has implemented it into the very select few companies in an exclusive category or industry that have this breakthrough system which resulted in taking their business to the next level of growth, revenue, and sustainability.

Along with the understanding of his strategies and personalizing them for their particular business.This gives Benson’s private clients a powerful advantage over their competition and helps them become the leading authority in their market and puts them years or even decades ahead.

Benson has been acknowledged as a unique and distinctive authority in the field of Digital Growth Strategy, through the maximizing and multiplying of online business assets and revenue driven growth. He & his private companies have been featured and even endorsed in the main publications and news outlets.

Ready To Have Certainty & Direction With A Proven Roadmap For Accelerating Your Business Growth Online?

There Are ONLY Three Core Ways To Work With Benson

1st Way

The One Private Strategic Exospheric Meeting

This is the most profitable meeting you might ever invest in your business. Either a 1 hour or 2 day exospheric growth session with Benson, where he will deep dive into your current company’s digital strategy and current performance and focus on the full optimization or be adding core proven strategies that you can execute to maximize growth and he’ll even guarantee a certain minimum you’ll generate in gross revenue if implemented... (Currently Fully Booked Until September 2017 With Waitlist - Only Select Dates Are Available)

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2nd Way

The 9 Pillars Of An Exospheric Business™ Implementation

There are 9 pillars that the most successful and influential companies, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders are using right now "Behind-The-Scenes" to have exponential business growth, but you might be missing out on, and only select companies and renowned entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to change their business forever… (Only 1 Company Will Be Accepted In 2017)

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3rd Way: Highly Coveted Multi-Million Dollar Exospheric Partnership

This is an opportunity to personally partner up with me and we’ll start to turn your business into a long-term sustainable enterprise in your marketplace and audience so we can scale, grow, and take the current business to new heights.

If you’re at $1 Million, let’s go to $10 MM, if you’re at $10MM let’s potentially go to $50 MM or $100 MM together with my experience and connections to accelerate and sustain the growth process.

Of course, with that being said there are TONS of personal and business factors to take into account and consider if or when that’s possible to reach those revenue #’s (One factor is the willingness to sacrifice the right things in your life and put in the effort, energy, time, money, and mental capacity) the other is the growth potential and current financial, marketing, and model of your business.

This is only for the most highly qualified, ethical and growth companies and all must go through a vigorous selection process. That’s why most of these partnerships come from my existing long-term private clients.

Benson Sung

Minimum Requirements To Apply & Be Considered

Annual Revenues Of


Working Capital


Company Team Size

5 Founders/Employees

Marketing Capital


Monthly Growth Rate

10 - 25%

2-3 Proven Online/Offline

Sales & Conversion Process

Exospheric Partnership Currently Closed - Not Accepting New Applicants

Benson Is Currently Fully Retained. Acceptance Of New Private Partners Will Be Considered Only Through Referrals Or Existing Relationships Only.

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