If you’re on this page & reading this, then that means you want to contact me…

Before you do here’s some key insights and faq’s that might answer your question/request from previous entrepreneurs/companies communications

Here are my Top 3 FAQ’s (questions are simplified and condensed for easier readability)

1. “How can I grow my business online?”

There are many ways to grow your business online you can start by attending my Full-Day Digital Exospheric Session gratis.

It covers the principles and foundation of the building and scaling your company online through my 9 Pillars of An Exospheric Business.

You won’t be sold anything before, during or after. It’s my way of investing in our relationship upfront and adding value to you, and it’s purely real life in the trenches business and digital strategy result driven education from my day to day job is growing my group of companies and working with multi-million dollar private client companies.

2. “Can you connect me with this entrepreneur/company/firm/investment?”

Let’s a take a moment to think about this in most cases if you’re using this form to reach out me then you probably don’t know me (if you still don’t know me then you can find out more here.) There are still people, some knowingly and some unknowingly, ask for me to connect them with a well-known entrepreneur or firm just because they know I know key people.

I don’t make referrals or connections lightly because I have to get to know you first, your business, the value you bring, how you can add value to that person you want to connect with, what if it doesn’t go well… a lot of factors, you get the point.

The type of people that have these requests should know to add value first from their core competency before they ever ask for anything in return – that’s a principle I live by, and you should adopt if you haven’t already. With that being said, if you do decide to reach out I won’t mind answering your questions if you have still had any by the time you get to the end of this faq and the private contact form at the bottom.

3. “How can I and my company work with you?”

There are only three ways to work with me.

The first way is from my One Hour Exospheric Digital Growth Session.

The second way is from my Two Day Exospheric Growth Meeting.

The third is through the highly coveted 9 Pillars Of An Exospheric Business™ Implementation, and all are via application only and are currently booked months in advance.

You can find out more on the consulting page here.

Here’s Some Simple Analytics On My Communication That You Should Know If You Want To Reach Out

Incoming Email

Every day, on average I RECEIVE about 56 important communications from private clients/partners/investments that require strategic responses per a day.

Outgoing Email

Every day, on an average day I RESPOND to about 40-45 emails per a day and leave the rest for my next communication session.

You might be thinking that’s a lot of emails, good news is I don’t see all the emails that land in my inbox only the ones that fit my criteria.

Once my assistant vets my inbox each business day at 7 AM, she filters and labels them based on the priority set

What’s the priority and criteria?
I prioritize to read and respond to these types of emails…

These are the daily emails I currently receive and are most likely to respond to

  1. My Companies, Partnership Portfolio & Private Clients  – (64%)
  2. Managing Investments – (17%)
  3. Business Questions – (15%)
  4. Consulting Applications – (4%)

These are the type of daily emails I currently receive from people that I most likely WON’T Respond to –

Especially if this is the first time contact

  1. Advertising/Media Buy – (36%)
  2. Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Meeting With Me – (23%)
  3. Connect someone with an entrepreneur/company/firm/investment – (21%)
  4. Product/Service/Business Endorsements – (12%)
  5. Invest In A Startup/Company/App/Tech – (8%)

How Much Time Do I Spend In My Inbox?

I only check my email twice a day. Once in the morning at 8 AM and afternoon at 3 PM for about 45 minutes approximately. And I try to respond to all based on priority and the email boxes that my assistant has filtered into with labels.

Why Am I So Structured With Email? Because if I’m not, it eats up months of my time – let’s break this down so you can see what I mean…

I invest 45 minutes approximately per an email session twice a day and time it with an hourglass…

So in a day that’s 1 hour and 30 minutes (sometimes 2 hours because I need to finish writing an email or finishing a thought)

In a week that’s 14 hours

In a month that’s 2.3 days

In a year that’s 28 days…
(I just invested my entire February into emails alone)

Just like you, I value my time, if I try to respond to all the emails, then I would essentially have to spend another one month or more of my life on things that eat away at my finite amount of time on this earth.

More importantly, I wouldn’t be focusing on my highest and best use of my time, energy, mental capacity, and capitals into growing my companies with my partners, private clients, and investments.

I recommend watching this video it’ll put your life into perspective with Jelly Beans depending on where you are in life and how much you work (One of the best 2 minutes and 44 seconds you’ll ever invest)

Now, Let’s create some more value for you right here and now and if you still decide you want to reach out after, then your questions will be more specific…

Here are 10 Brief Critical Questions I Integrate For My Companies And Private Clients That You Should Be Deeply Thinking About…

  1. Do you regularly shop/buy from your competitors to see what they do differently or are doing that your company doesn’t do?
  2. How can you incorporate a systematic, ongoing follow-up system you follow and put into action for every prospect and first-time buyer you acquire?
  3. How can you increase your average order value of each client and to increase pre-purchase, post-purchase and cross sell and up sell?
  4. Do you know where your business’ biggest growth or profit opportunity lies?
  5. Do you have attrition reduction or client conservation programs in place to minimize inactive buyers?
  6. Do you know what areas of your marketing your business is weak, poor or ineffectual at doing, i.e., prospecting follow-up, converting, re-selling, referrals, etc.? And how to maximize them?
  7. Have you identified all the different revenue-generating activities/pillars/sources your business is built upon and engaged in doing both online and offline, so you can start improving and maximizing each one?
  8. Do you have a target prospect list of strategic partners – i.e., companies that either already has a strong relationship with the same people you want to sell– or new, competitive organizations that have more to gain then even you do by seeing you sell your product/service to more people/companies?
  9. Do you have a progressive backend; meaning, you keep logically either reselling clients ongoing quantities of your primary products/services or you keep adding new additional backend goods or services to the sales cycle?
  10. What and how is your main problem or problems the solution to someone else’s larger problem that you can leverage and solve to grow your business?
Keep in mind the quality of the questions you ask me, yourself, and others are going to not only determine the quality of the answers you get but by examining your business at a new and much deeper level, the results that you’ll experience will be exponentially higher.

At this point, if you’ve read the above and you’re still planning to reach out to me then I’d like to hear from you, and hopefully, I’ll get back to you in 2-3 days.

Remember: The shorter, detailed, and well crafted your email is the easier it is for me to read and respond the more likely you’ll hear back from me

DON’T send me an essay (some people still do after reading this and I’ll just respond with “Condense to 2-3 main sentences”)