The Preeminent Digital Growth Strategist™.

Founder Of The 9 Pillars Of An Exospheric Business™.

Behind-The-Scenes Builder Of Multi-Million Dollar Companies.

As the Founder And President of Unity Global Financial Group, Inc., Benson has invested his entire career helping Fortune, 10 to 100 MM+ small to large sized global companies and even renowned entrepreneurs exponentially grow and scale their businesses online into the Multi-Millions.

Benson’s day to day job is leading and growing his group of multi-million dollar private companies so that they continue to be the leading company in their exclusive application or category & managing his private investments behind the scenes.

Benson uses his unique ability to increase businesses online opportunities, breakthroughs, and growth. He uncovers companies real world assets that can be leveraged online, maximizes underperforming online marketing, essentially what most entrepreneurs aren’t aware are overlooked opportunities and undervalued possibilities.

This skill set has captured the attention and respect of high-performing CEOs, renowned entrepreneurs, marketing experts and top media personalities.

Benson is also highly regarded by distinguished experts and influencers as the world’s leading and highest paid “Preeminent Digital Growth Strategist.” Benson’s influence, insights, and execution can be the difference between an average company and a business that generates millions of dollars in additional revenue online with long-term sustainable growth that lasts decades.

Why I’m Trusted By Renowned Entrepreneurs

A Brief List Of A Few Private Partners & Clients Who Are Experiencing Exponential Growth in Their Business…

The key with a successful sales funnel isn't just the design, copy, traffic, or automation but it's the strategy. That's actually one of the most important parts, if you don't have the right strategy, it won't work well at all. That's why Benson does a TON of my strategy.

Neil Patel

Quick Sprout, Crazy Egg, and Hello Bar

There are 3 qualities that I think makes Benson unique. First is Benson's understanding of strategies. Second, he's results focused, he focuses on bringing you real results and adding value to your business. Third is Integrity. I believe those 3 world class qualities are what makes him different.

Dan Lok

Multi-Millionaire Serial Entrepreneur

Over the years, Benson has established the factors that confine and restrict online business growth. When he isn’t laying the firm foundation of sustainable online growth as a behind-the-scenes builder of his multi-million dollar companies…

He is the preeminent industry leader who believes in illuminating his private clients around the world that most companies only know and only use limited ways of growing their business online.

Most are even misled by the vast majority of information and ideas online that cause a company to lose hundreds of thousands (even millions of dollar) not to mention time, energy, mental capacity in wasted finite capital on the wrong areas of their business.

He demonstrates that there may be 5-10 more efficient short and long-term profitable digital strategies, and options, available to them that they aren’t even aware of and might be right under their nose.

Benson either shows his private clients how to implement his “9 Pillars Of An Exospheric Business™” or his “Digital Growth Strategy Of Exospherence™.”

He has implemented it into the very select few companies in an exclusive category or industry. Which has resulted in them taking their businesses to the next level of growth, revenue, and sustainability.

Along with the understanding of his strategies and personalizing them for their particular business. This gives Benson’s private clients a powerful advantage over their competition and helps them become the leading authority in their market and puts them years or even decades ahead.

Benson has been acknowledged as a unique and distinctive authority in the field of Digital Growth Strategy, through the maximizing and multiplying of online business assets and revenue driven growth. He & his private companies have been featured and even endorsed in the leading publications and news outlets.

"Benson’s Companies And Private Clients Have All Experienced A Universal Truth..."

Nearly all of them have grown their business with more revenue, profits, assets, and digital strategic leverage with Benson’s influence & core competency. They acknowledge that Benson’s strategies and execution have to lead to at early stages hundreds of thousands and long-term multi-millions of dollars in growth

He has been fortunate enough to have surrounded himself and experienced profound insights with both leading public entrepreneurs like Marcus Lemonis (Chairman of Camping World & Good Sam – 2 multi-billion dollar companies). Jay Abraham (The 20 billion dollar man – leading business growth strategist) to name a few and more private but influential entrepreneurs that have built $100+ MM or manage multi-billion dollar enterprises that Benson converses with.

Benson is humbled and appreciates the new encounters and long-time deep conversations he continues to have with these bright individuals. He finds excitement and joy from his insatiable learning and engagement with them at the highest level of critical thinking, business, performance, and growth.

Most importantly, he lives for the personal growth of his ability, skills, and understanding of the way they think which continually stimulates and elevates his mind and execution to the highest level which also allows him to reciprocate the priceless lifelong value he’s received back to them from his unique core competency.

Benson’s life’s work has been dedicated to growing his companies and the few companies that have access to him, of which he will continue to perpetuate, and in doing so tap into the extensive business wealth creation process online, providing private partners and clients fulfilling breakthrough experiences in their business and most importantly in their personal lives.

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